Join the journey towards a brighter tomorrow with a thriving ecosystem for the industries shaping our future

Unleashing the Future of Life: Investing in DeepTech and Lifescience innovations

Join the journey towards a brighter tomorrow with a thriving ecosystem for the industries shaping our future

LTGiliosios technologijos – tradicinę pramonę revoliucingai keičiančios inovacijos

„Nerkime gilyn į technologijas“ – šiais metais tokiu šūkiu inovacijų paroda KTU „Technorama“, kurioje pristatomi per pastaruosius metus sukurti pažangūs sprendimai, pasitinka dalyvius ir lankytojus. Tai – ne tik skambus ir kūrybiškas pakvietimas apsilankyti jau rytoj, gegužės 25-ąją dieną, KTU „Santakos“ slėnyje vyksiančiame renginyje, tačiau juo referuojama į vis labiau populiarėjantį giliųjų technologijų (angl. deep-tech) fenomeną.

GBAutonomous cleaning robots and an AI note taker: Baltic startups to watch, according to VCs

Some tech ecosystems in Europe punch above the weight of their geography, and for none is that more true than the three small and (relatively) remote Baltic nations. Startups based in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania drummed up around €1.8bn last year according to Dealroom, and have kicked off 2023 with €111m raised in Q1.

LTEkspertai: Lietuva galėtų tapti viena labiausiai į giliąsias technologijas orientuotų ekosistemų

Virš metų trunkantis konfliktas Europos žemyne pakeitė Vakarų investuotojų poziciją dėl dvigubos paskirties technologijų, o gresianti recesija dar kartą patvirtino giliųjų technologijų (angl. DeepTech) įmonių tvarumą. Šis kontekstas paskatino „Baltic Sandbox Ventures“ organizuoti „Technologijų geopolitikos“ renginį, kuriame įvairių ekspertų grupė analizavo pokyčio technologijų (angl. Emerging Disruptive Technologies) vaidmenį geopolitikoje ir valstybės valdyme, bei jų poveikį…

GBExpert insights on bridging science and entrepreneurship for more effective innovation export

Is there a dichotomy between academia and scientific entrepreneurship? Could the two sectors be complementary – and how? These are the questions that a panel of experts with interdisciplinary backgrounds grappled with on Friday at a "Commercialising Innovation: Academia versus Entrepreneurship?" event.

The panel featured a diverse and international line-up, each with a unique perspective, based on extensive careers in different sectors – entrepreneurship, academia, venture capital and the corporate world, all aiming to inspire young scientists in Lithuania and support their future career decisions…

GBExperts: Lithuania could become one of the most DeepTech-focused ecosystems

Over the past year, the conflict on the European continent has redefined Western investors' stance on dual-use technology, while the looming recession has reaffirmed the robustness of DeepTech companies. This context prompted a diverse group of panellists to explore the role of emerging technologies in geopolitics and statecraft, as well as their impact on the global markets, in a “Geopolitics of Technology” event, hosted by Baltic Sandbox Ventures last week…

GBWhy Lithuania could be set to be Europe’s next deeptech hotspot

With growing VC interest, resilient economic growth and a unicorn boom, Lithuania is one of the leading innovation hubs in central and eastern Europe (CEE). While average funding per startup is decreasing globally, it’s increasing in CEE, with Lithuania growing the fastest since 2017 in enterprise value.

The country is particularly seeing a growth in deeptech startups, supported by its life sciences innovation and favourable tax and legal regime…

GBVilnius-based VC to boost deeptech ecosystem in Baltics

The Baltics have gained a new venture capital (VC) firm. The Vilnius-based Baltic Sandbox Ventures has closed a €9 million investment into its latest €13 million deeptech fund and accelerator. The fund will be split into two equal parts of €6.5 million each, aimed at pre-seed and seed investments into up to 80 emerging Baltic deeptech startups. The VC gathers partners with technical backgrounds and experience in building and scaling deeptech companies…

GB25 new VC funds launched in Central and Eastern Europe in 2022

AIN.Capital created an extended list of new VC funds that were launched in 2022. It consists of 25 investors that have their headquarters in the CEE and support the founders from the region. Freshly founded Lithuanian firm Baltic Sandbox Ventures raised €10 million for its first deeptech fund in December…

LT15min studijoje: investicijos į startuolius – ar kitais metais vyks jų lenktynės?

Nuo 2021 m. Lietuvos startuoliai pritraukė daugiau kaip 420 mln. eurų investicijų, o bendra inovatyvių verslų vertė pasiekė daugiau kaip 7 mlrd. Eurų, skelbia Ekonomikos ir inovacijų ministerija. Turime jau ne vieną startuolį, pasiekusį 1 mlrd. Eur vertę. 15min studijoje – diskusija apie tai, kokių startuolių proveržių galime tikėtis kitais metais?

GBBaltic Sandbox targets €13m fund to develop deeptech ecosystem in the region

Brand new Lithuanian VC firm Baltic Sandbox Ventures has raised €10m for its first deeptech fund, out of a target final close of €13m. It’s the first VC in the Baltic region that focuses solely on early-stage deeptech and life science solutions — something which, its founders say, can help to build a whole new ecosystem almost from scratch…