Empowering the future with cutting-edge technology

We invest in early-stage R&D-focused individuals and teams solving complex technical challenges with large potential for commercial application*

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Empowering the future with cutting-edge technology


Sandra Golbreich, General Partner

Sandra Golbreich

General Partner

Focus: Bio-Tech, MedTech, AI/ML, early R&D & strategy

Andrius Milinavičius, General Partner

Andrius Milinavičius

General Partner

Focus: Business development and enabling scale-up to grow powerfully beyond Seed

Erik Bhullar, General Partner

Erik Bhullar

General Partner

Focus: Anything technical, IPR strategy, team-building and early-stage growth

Kate Shiian, Operations Partner

Kate Shiian

Operations Partner

Focus: Getting-things-Done, Portfolio, and Community Partnerships

Dominykas Milašius, Venture Partner

Dominykas Milašius

Venture Partner

Focus: deep tech scouting, portfolio support and ecosystemic connectivity

Walid El Cheikh, Venture Partner

Walid El Cheikh

Venture Partner

Focus: portfolio support, startup coach

Jokūbas Karnauskas, Analyst

Jokūbas Karnauskas


Focus: Screening startups, getting documents right

Eglė Jašinskaitė, Communication and Community Manager

Eglė Jašinskaitė

Communication and Community Manager

Focus: Social Media, delivering the news, building community