Empowering the future with cutting-edge technology

We invest in early-stage R&D-focused individuals and teams solving complex technical challenges with large potential for commercial application*

*No deck or ‘traction’ required, just fill the form by clicking on the button above

Empowering the future with cutting-edge technology

About Us

If you're building a Deep Tech company in the Baltics, we are your earliest believers.

  • We don't care if you have a deck. Your current 'traction' or revenues are NOT critical factors.
  • We care to understand your problem domain-space, the value proposition, and its potential.
  • We are thesis driven investors and actually understand multiple technical domains, just talk to us.

Tell us what value you bring to the table, what you invented, your competencies, and why you'll win. We invest if you have the competence, mindset, attitude, willingness, and drive to make it BIG!

Our stage focus is 1) bleeding-edge inception / early angel / pre-seed, and 2) Seed stage. We work with you to get to the traction you will need for a successful Series A & scale!


Sandra Golbreich, General Partner

Sandra Golbreich

General Partner

Focus: Bio-Tech, MedTech, AI/ML, early R&D & strategy

Andrius Milinavičius, General Partner

Andrius Milinavičius

General Partner

Focus: Business development and enabling scale-up to grow powerfully beyond Seed

Erik Bhullar, Venture Partner

Erik Bhullar

Venture Partner

Focus: Anything technical, IPR strategy, team-building and early-stage growth

Kate Shiian, Operations Partner

Kate Shiian

Operations Partner

Focus: Getting-things-Done, Portfolio, and Community Partnerships

Dominykas Milašius, Venture Partner

Dominykas Milašius

Venture Partner

Focus: deep tech scouting, portfolio support and ecosystemic connectivity

Walid El Cheikh, Venture Partner

Walid El Cheikh

Venture Partner

Focus: portfolio support, startup coach

Jokūbas Karnauskas, Analyst

Jokūbas Karnauskas


Focus: Screening startups, getting documents right

Eglė Jašinskaitė, Communication and Community Manager

Eglė Jašinskaitė

Communication and Community Manager

Focus: Social Media, delivering the news, building community